Mechanical Engineer

Job responsibilities:

1. Maintenance and improvement of equipment;

2. Formulation of technical parameters for new equipment;

3. Equipment account management;

4. Compilation and production of equipment management documents;

5. Other temporary jobs.


1. College degree or above, CET-4, 5 years working experience;

2. Strong mechanical design and manufacturing capability, able to communicate independently with equipment parts manufacturers;

3. Familiar with mechanical drawing software;

4. Strong communication and pressure resistance.

Mechanical Design Engineer

Job requirements:

1. Require high professional knowledge of mechanical design, familiar with mechanical principles;

2. Proficiency in Solidwuorks Autocod software and drawing management;

3. Require serious and responsible work, careful work and strong sense of responsibility;

4. Minimum 3 years working experience in mechanical design. Printing machinery design is preferred.

5. Bachelor degree or above, 45 years old or younger, men and women are not limited;

Product Project Management

1. Job responsibilities:

Bachelor degree or above, rich experience in project management of mechanical manufacturing related products, male, under 50 years old

1. Having 8 years or more experience in product creation, R&D and process management;

2. Master the knowledge of product creation, R&D management and process management.

Familiar with the technical development trend of printing machinery industry. Having experience in product project management of large enterprises and working as corresponding product project manager.

And there are successful product development cases. Strong sense of teamwork; strong leadership and leadership; strong ability of resource integration;

Have good team building and employee training ability.

Electrical Engineer

Job responsibilities:

Responsible for organizing electrical maintenance personnel to carry out electrical emergency maintenance and preventive maintenance of plant-wide equipment and ancillary equipment, making and repairing electrical spare parts;

Participate in the formulation of preventive maintenance plans and preventive maintenance documents, and assist in the preparation of spare parts technical information, and implement maintenance plans on schedule;

Responsible for the technical training of electrical maintenance personnel, improve the technical quality and work efficiency of employees;

Collect and manage technical information on maintenance work;

To be responsible for the safety maintenance management of electrical maintenance and to prevent accidents at work;

Assist mechanical engineer to complete maintenance work.

Deal with difficult faults and problems that can not be solved by electrical maintainers.

Reduce the downtime of equipment;

II. Application Requirements

College degree or above, majoring in electrical automation or industrial automation;

More than 5 years working experience in electrical maintenance;

Production management

Job responsibilities:

1. Be responsible for the technical management and quality management of the company's production management.

2. Make annual and monthly production plans and implement them.

3. Formulate annual plans for new product development and process improvement of old products, and implement them.

4. Formulate annual quality management plan and implement it.

5. Formulate consumption plans for raw and auxiliary materials and implement them.

6. Coordinating the work of various departments and mobilizing their work enthusiasm.

7. Organize the review of large orders for large customers to ensure timely delivery.

8. To organize an analysis meeting in time to analyze the causes of major quality accidents occurring in the process of production, technology and quality management.

Implement responsibility to departments or individuals, formulate corrective and preventive measures, and implement them. 9. Be responsible for the temporary arrangement of the superior leaders.

Application Requirements

1.32 to 45 years old, college degree or above, major in management, foundry, mechanical processing, etc.

2. Over eight years of management experience, and more than five years of work in the position of deputy general manager or general manager.

He has been trained in modern enterprise management, technology, labor laws and regulations, financial accounting knowledge and management ability development.

3. Proficient in using automated office software, basic network knowledge, standard Mandarin, standard production and professional terminology;

4. Strong ability of organizational leadership, judgment and decision-making, influence, coordination and communication, motivation and execution of subordinates;

5. Strong professionalism, public interest, positive thinking and behavior, fair and just work.

Customer service and support

Job responsibilities:

1. Installation and commissioning of products;

2. After-sales service of products;

3. Technology promotion service and user training;

4. Purchasing and selling spare parts;

Application Requirements

1. College degree or above in mechanical and electrical or related fields, skilled in office software and general professional software, and experience in product maintenance and service in printing machinery industry;

2. More than three years working experience in related industries. Good oral English translation and reading and writing skills are preferred.

3. Strong work coordination and organizational skills, dedicated work, teamwork and hard working spirit;


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